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Hello, and thank you for stopping by Jazzy Cabbages. My name is Jeremy and, and as you probably guessed, I enjoy cannabis. I also enjoy cooking. Putting food and cannabis together was a natural progression for me. That’s what this site is about!

Depression has kicked my ass since my teenage years. I, unfortunately, didn’t try to do anything about it until much later in life. I eventually tried a variety of anti-depressants, but I didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel myself, and I didn’t like it, so I didn’t continue. Therapy never felt like enough either.

I avoided weed for most of my life because, like many, I grew up taught that cannabis was the devil’s lettuce and that it was terrible. I dabbled with smoking weed in college, and I enjoyed it, but I still avoided it because it wasn’t legal and was expensive. Flash forward several years, and I had the opportunity to try it again. This time, I noticed that I felt better, so I continued to partake. While cannabis didn’t cure my depression, it helped my mood more than any pill ever did. I liked the fact that it was a natural choice. I liked the fact that I still felt like me.

Weed was still expensive, so I looked into growing. I decided to accept the legal risk for my choice of medicine I could afford and learned all I could. I learned to grow, and I learned to make edibles. And with my state of Virginia’s legalization of simple possession and home cultivation, I’m now excited to be able to share what I’ve learned with you!

In real life, I’m a web developer and a dad to my little dude. I believe I am a better professional and dad because cannabis helps me calm my mind. I’m not an unproductive stoner. This site is my cannabis journey. Welcome to Jazzy Cabbages.